About us

Jimcap Electronics Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Metalized Polypropylene films and high quality capacitors for the past three decade. Our extensive product range comprises of Fan capacitors, Motor Run & Motor Start Capacitors, L.T Power Factor Improvement capacitors, capacitors for lighting applications and Metalized Polypropylene films designed to meet the levels of service demanded by our customers and set by latest Standards.

At JIMCAP, capacitors are produced in the most modern and clean environment with state of the art facility including micro processor based fully automatic Metalizer, Slitting and automated production processes.

Experience of decades in the field of manufacturing and investing in the research and development of cutting edge technologies, JIMCAP is successful in producing quality and reliable products, keeping in mind the current and future industry requirements.

Today, JIMCAP, with its world-class solutions plays a key role in capacitor manufacturing.

Associated company since 1985

Priya capacitors Pvt. Ltd.

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Jimcap Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Priya Capacitors Pvt. Ltd.