Electroytic Capacitors

Conforms to: EN / IEC 60252-2 Ed. 1.0 / IS 2993

40 / 60 MFD to 200 / 250 MFD

Rated Voltage: 230 V Ac

Surge Voltage: 275 V Ac

Capacitors with Single Aluminium / Double can are available with PVC wires / Terminals


Dielectric : Electrolytic grade tissue paper

Elements : Aluminium foil film

Encapsulation : Electrolyte filled

Case : Aluminium cans (as per customers specs)

Formed foil of different values based on requirement along with electrolytic grade tissue paper. Vacuum impregnated in electrolyte, assembled in alumium can. Safety valve is provided on the rubberized bakelite disc. In case of abnormal pressure generated by internal or external heat, safety valve opens and pressure is released.