Capacitors for Fan / Motors (Regular / Burst proof designs)

Conforms to: EN / IEC 60252-1 Ed. 1.0 - 2001 / IS 2993 : 1998

Range : 1 to 144 MFD, up to 600 V AC

Dual type capacitors for washing machines as per customer designs are also available.

Capacitors for Lighting Fixtures

Conforms to : EN / IEC 61048 Ed. 2.0 / IS 1569

Range : 2 to 100 MFD & Voltage up to 500 V AC

Special type Capacitors with higher capacitance & voltage can be offered.


Dielectric : Polypropylene

Elements : Metallized polypropylene film

Encapsultion : Dry type resin / Oil filled.

Case : PP cans/Aluminum cans (as per customers specs).

Burst proof construction:

Pressure relieving bellows are provided in the case to act as over pressure disconnectors. In case of very high peak voltages this safety bellow activates and disconnects the capacitor elements from the energy sources.

To safeguard from abnormal pressures by internal or external heat and resulting gas formation the bellow expands vertically and breaks the notch allowing safe escape of gas and prevents explosion. The capacitor element is then safely disconnected.