The roll-to-roll vacuum metalizing system is capable of producing an unlimited range of metalized films for capacitors. From standard to high-end applications, from thick to thin films, from plain to slope designs, from thick to thin layers, from pure layers to layer-stacks, every conceivable combination can be realized in our system.


The Microslit CAP is capable of providing finely cut thin films of narrow width for special application capacitors. The technological advancements help to achieve premium quality products with minimum tolerance values as the result.

The perfect interaction of the basic concept that is typical for the compact, sturdy construction, the excellent roll configuration for the special material channels and the most modern drive and cutting technology. The sturdy construction sets the stage for the so-called wave cut for the generation of a wavelike cutting contour.


Winding/Elements are produced in Air Conditioned, dust-free, humidity controlled winding room. Metallised Polyptopylene Film with Heavy/Reinforced Edges is used to provide excellent bonding between the electrode and end spray. Heavy edge has high current carrying capacity and withstands electromechanical stresses caused by switching surges better. Coil Winding machines with programmable features in comprehensive range to meet customer's specific demand.

Vacuum Drying & Oil Impregnation

The assembled elements undergo Vacuum Impregnation. Non - Toxic, Non-hazardous, Non-flammable, Non-PCB, Impregnent is used for Impregnating.

Tesing Laboratory

Testing facilities for conducting all routine tests as per relevant BIS Specification are available. At Jimcap, fully automaic testing systems are used with the ability to test capacitors up to 800VAC, capacitance value and Tan Delta value. Owing to such automatic processes and systems, human errors are eliminated, thus achieving premium quality products.In addition, the following type tests are carried out at our works:

Special types of capacitors can also be produced for Applications upto 1000V AC and different values and designs can also be made available on request.