L. T. Power Factor Improvement (Shunt) Capacitors

Conforms to: EN / IEC 60831-1 Consol. Ed. 2.1 / IS 13340

1 KVAR to 25 KVAR up to 500 V ac

Rating above 25 KVAR can also be constructed through Banking.


Dielectric : Polypropylene

Elements : Metallized polypropylene film

Encapsultion : Dry type resin / liquid resin

Case : Steel cans/Aluminum cans (as per customers specs)

I. Double Dielectric Power Factor Improvement (Shunt) Capacitors

In order to build the correct degree of protection, a capacitor needs to be given a higher current and higher voltage withstanding capacity. This dual consideration has been taken into account to evolve a different construction of capacitors.

Sereis construction is adapted instead of parallel design to achieve the effect of Double Dielectric.

Over and above the normal features of a Mpp capacitor, this desgin provides excellent overcurrent & surge voltage protection.

Types / Designs available

  Sr. No.   Types / Designs   Range
  01   Double Dielectric   5 to 25 KVAR
  02   Modular   5 to 25 KVAR
  03   Industrial   
  a.   Oil Filler   1 to 25 KVAR
  b.   Cylindrical with terminal type   1 to 25 KVAR
  c.   Cylindrical with wire type   1 to 25 KVAR
  d.   Square (Dry)   1 to 25 KVAR
  04   Agriculture   
  a.   Round   1 to 6 KVAR
  b.   Square   1 to 6 KVAR

"Burst proof design in Industrial (Cylindrical with terminal tops) on customers request can also be made available."

Technical Data

  Standards   Reference Standard: IEC 60831-1 Conslo. Ed. 2.1/IS 13340
  Rated Voltage   Up to 500 V ac (other voltages on request)
  Rated Frequency   50 Hz. (other frequency on request)
  No. of Phases   3 (single phase on request)
  Connection   Delta
  Permissbile Over Load   Maximum permissible current : 1.2 times of rated Current
  Maximum permissible Voltage : 1.10 times of rated Voltage
  Ambient Temp   -10oc to +50oc
  Total Losses   0.5 watts / KVAR without resistor
  Capacitance tolerance   + 10%
  Tan delta   0.20% max.